Kuddles the Klown
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When it comes to entertainment for young and old alike, there is no better known personality than Kuddles the Klown.

Many times when people think party, entertainment, excitement.... they're thinking of how to take care of the adults. But what about the kids? Who's going to make their day the best ever?

When you think children's parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduation parties, senior adult homes, grand openings, restaurants, any type of event, you need to consider the best, the safest, the most reliable children's entertainer around - Kuddles. Having performed in Arizona for decades, this professional adds to any event - AND.... when the parents are having their own party, someone should be entertaining the kids with their own special brand of fun.

From face painting to the special magic of balloon art, jokes, fun, smiles and..... well it just keeps coming along.
And when combined with Brad Zinn, you've got an evening or day filled with fun, magic, intrigue, mystery and excitement.

Kuddles the Klown can be seen each Sunday from 12 noon to 2:00 pm at Arriba’s Mexican Food Grill in Scottsdale (101 & Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd)

Here is what one delighted Birthday Grandmother wrote:

“Kuddles the Klown entertained at my granddaughter’s 7 th birthday party yesterday. I must say that Kuddles is the most accomplished artist I’ve seen paint faces. You won’t be surprised to find that she majored in art in College. She knew how to paint all the latest Disney characters, and painted several unique variations in pink and black Monster High designs. She charmed one 5 year old boy who is afraid of clowns, resulting in a magnificent green monster face. She paints designs you’ve never seen before, and does a superior job at it. I have no doubt that a dozen or so children begged to sleep with their new faces, and dozed off smiling. Please thank Kuddles for us again. Everyone raved at what a good artist she is.” (Actual letter on file.)


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